The Area of the Strait of Gibraltar is undoubtedly a place interesting for analysts and academics internationalists, here a multitude of topics related to this particular border area, and that they derive from their status as maritime strategic step, division of continents, separation and cooperation between States and cultures converge. For Spain, in particular, is the place where disputes and borders discussed, such as Gibraltar, and also territories claimed by Morocco, as cities, Islands and rocks of Spain in North Africa are located. Especially the narrow Area is essential for the relations of Spain with Morocco, and paradigmatic site of the European Union’s special relations with Morocco.

The Jean Monnet Chair “Immigration and borders” of European Union law, spends a good deal of its training and research projects to this geographic area. The book consists of two distinct parts. First, the issues and problems of immigration, immigration and borders in Spain and the European Union. Secondly, the book deals with the various problems in the area of the Strait in immigration, security and development, in particular, economic, democratic, legal and social issues raised by the European policies of neighbourliness, cooperation, Exterior and safety, commercial, fishing and immigration with Morocco. These relationships have transboundary and aspects of institutional, bilateral and multilateral cooperation for Spain, for both Morocco and the European Union.




Alejandro Valle Galvez, (director), Miguel Acosta Sánchez, Njiki Remi (coordinators)