Declaration of the Hispano-Moroccan Foundation on the occasion of the first meeting of the Board of Trustees


When met ten years of the Barcelona Conference, the germ of the current European neighbourhood policy according to the EU itself, the signatories below want – modestly – contribute to reinforcing the social and economic ties this area of the Mediterranean.
Despite the logical rifts historical and political existing, daily experience has shown that the neighborhood, still leads to problems and differences, also presents numerous development opportunities that we believe our duty to explore, facilitate and enhance. The European neighbourhood policy, approved by the EU in 2004, establishes as one of its main thrusts of action empower (commercial, economic, cultural and social) relations of all kinds with countries of your environment to match socio-economic parameters of these countries with the EU. The purpose of this policy is not one that building a common area of prosperity that, ultimately, benefit of the citizens of the European Union and associated countries. Improvement of the standard of living and opportunities for development will have direct impact on the citizens on both sides of a border that we see more as an opportunity for mutual development than as a barrier to collaboration.
An environment of prosperity and common development will minimize the negative impact of the existing differences. The improvement of the standard of living of the citizens of our environment should be above other limitations or impositions, our guide of action of face to achieve a more stable and prosperous future. Therefore, the Trustees of the Foundation we are committed to study, propose and support many initiatives will advance further socio-economic development in the Spanish-Moroccan border of our environment, as well as to collaborate, within our capabilities, at regional, national or community initiatives that can benefit from this common goal.