There is significant consensus on which regions have lost appeal in European Affairs. This fact leads us to the following paradox: while the metaphor of the ‘Europe of the regions’ who both resonated in the Decade of the 1990s has been discredited, at the same time the extent of regional commitment to EU grows constantly. Today, the EU is subject to a crisis which is not only economic and financial, but also democratic. Therefore, it seems appropriate to rescue the studies on the role of the regions in the system of European governance. This work is proposed, on the one hand, make a review of the evolution of the role of the regions in the system of European governance and, on the other hand, explore the way in which the regions have been captured by the literature of European integration. Its ultimate goal is to understand what are the future prospects for the regions in the process of European integration.

Revista CIDOB d’afers internacionals

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Lucia Alexandra Popartan and Israel Solorio Sandoval